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Arirang at Home

Whether you are having a small dinner party or large at home special event, Arirang Hibachi is a unique & delicious meal to wow your guests. Choose a party package complete from flatware to main course or customize a menu that suits your taste buds. 

We require a minimum of 24 hours notice. Pick up only.

To place a Catering Order Please Call your Local Store

Staten Island - 718-966-9600  

Brooklyn -    718-238-9880 

        Sayerville-  732-525-3551           

Mountainside- 908-518-9733  

Langhorne- 215-946-2240


Gyoza Platter- Deep Fried Japanese Shrimp Dumplings     $59.95

Pork Spare Ribs Platter- Fall off the bone, with BBQ sauce    $75.95  

Edamame Platter- Steamed & Salted Edamame    $25.99     

Spicy Edamame Platter- Spicy Edamame sauteed with garlic & togarashi      $29.99

Chicken Wings Platter- Deep fried wings, tossed in a spicy sauce    $42.95

White Rice Tray-   $21.95                            Fried Rice Tray-    $29.95

Chicken Fried Rice Tray- $44.95              Shrimp Fried Rice Tray- $49.95

Hibachi Noodles Tray- $34.95                  Hibachi Vegetables Tray- $24.95

Hibachi Pork Tray-  $54.95                        Hibachi Chicken Tray- $42.95

Hibachi Steak Tray-  $75.95                       Hibachi Filet Mignon Tray-  $92.95

Hibachi Shrimp Tray-  $78.95                    Chicken Teriyaki Tray-  $47.95

Salad Tray-  $17.95



Yakitori Platter- 24 pieces serves 10-12   $51.95       Kushiyaki Platter- 24 pieces serves 10-12   $80.95

Fuji Platter- 8pcs Yakitori, 8pcs Kushiyaki, 15pcs Dumplings, 16pcs Harumaki Egg Roll serves 10-12   $96.95

Sakura Platter- 5pcs Shitake, 18pcs Negimaki, 16pcs Spare Ribs, 24pcs Chicken Wings serves 14-18   $68.95

Yuzu Platter- 8pcs Yakitori, 8pcs Kushiyaki, 14pcs Hawaiian Roll, 18pcs Chicken Wings serves 14-18  $63.95

Yanagi Platter- 6pcs Shitake sushi, 12pc Avocado roll, 12pcs California Roll, 18pcs Cucumber Roll serves 12-15   $28.95

Emi Platter- 6pcs California Roll, 6pcs Spicy Tuna Roll, 18pcs assorted Sushi serves 8-10   $51.95

Matsu Platter- 24pcs assorted sushi, 6pcs Spicy Tuna Roll, 12pcs California Roll serves 12-14   $60.95

Boton Platter- 12pcs Spicy Tuna Roll, 12pcs California Roll, 16 pcs assorted sushi serves 10-12   $63.95

Ume Platter- 30pcs Vegetable Roll, 30pcs California Roll, 30pcs Spicy Tuna Roll serves 20-25   $68.95

Nako Platter- 12pcs Salmon Roll, 12pcs Rainbow Roll, 12pcs assorted sushi, 24pcs California Roll, 12pcs Spicy Tuna Roll serves 20-24   $80.95